Thursday, March 15, 2012

Where have I been?

WOW! I can't believe that I haven't posted anything in about a year and half! It's like I fell of the face of the Earth...

Well what has happened since then..

I graduated from college! I'm offically a college graduate. It just took me ten years, but rather late than never. Graduating made me feel unbelievable! And I'm glad I did it that way because I appreciated being able to attend school even more. I'm going to be using a lot of exclamation points, btw... Though it has taken me longer to find employment in my field, I feel unstoppable!

I ended a relationship that did nothing but make me into someone I didn't know or like. It took liquid courage for me to put my big girl panties on and tell him what I felt, wanted and what I really thought of him, in which I used many, many expletives. To say the least he understood and has been distant memory.

There is more....

I turned the BIG 30! And I couldn't be happier! Everyone says that it was so jarring for them that they couldn't get out of bed. Not this lady, I woke up feeling the same, with a smile on my face and a spring in my step. I can honestly tell you that I didn't feel different, I felt liberated, and as if I knew what I wanted. There was no second guessing any choices that I make because I know who I am. It's funny what a "BIG" birthday will do to you.

One more...

I attended the A.C.T.S retreat. My sister-in-law suggested that I go and I did. All I can say is that it changed my life. It renewed my faith, my soul and love for life. I learned so much about myself and how to just let go of the past,and I needed it.

P.S. I lost 35 lbs, but have more to go. I will do it!

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